Our Purpose

We partner with individuals, families, charities, foundations, and businesses who want to spread more joy in the world, providing them with the tools, structure, and support so that they can better help the people or organizations they are serving.


We are a 501(c)3 tax-exempt organization registered in the state of Colorado.


IRS Determination Letter

Our Initiatives: MyHope

We have established four initiatives to guide us. Many people struggle with mental health related issues, especially those who work in nonprofits, churches, and on the front lines. MyHope is a faith oriented, web-based initial contact, reference and referral source for people who want to take control of their mental health and wellness. It also provides support and resources for family members of those who dealing with mental health issues.

Our Initiatives: Trust and Administration Services

Many individuals and families want to live more generously. Our Trust and Administrative Services helps individuals and families set up, maintain, and manage charitable trusts, family offices, and foundations. We have a special program, Associate Ministers Retirement Program, set up for pastors and other nonprofit workers to advice, establish, and maintain rabbi retirement trusts. We also provide a full range of resources and information to help generous families plan responsibly, live generously and serve passionately through our partnership with From Success To Significance.

Our Initiatives: Charitable Catalyst

Oftentimes, passionate people need a little help turning their vision into reality. Our Charitable Catalyst initiative uses creative ministry structures to help set up and grow charities and ministries, and to help charitably-minded businesses structure their organization for the greatest impact. We’ve created a special program, the Associated Ministers Partnership, to help pastors and ordained individuals who are doing ministry fulfill the calling that God has placed on their lives; and we’ve also set up an organization, Workforce International, to help individuals raise money and get paid for the charitable work that they are doing.

Our Initiatives: Thailand

Our fourth initiative is our passion project. Joy to the World Thailand was started in 2003 to help girls from the hill tribes of northern Thailand stay out of the underground economy, especially prostitution. We started by setting up a home in northern Thailand, Breanna’s House of Joy, in honor of Bill and Mary Lee Moritz’s daughter who died tragically in 1997.   Over the years, as our initial group of girls grew and graduated from high school, we created a college program, Daniel 1, to provide hill tribe students with the opportunities to continue their education in a loving community and graduate from college debt-free. Even after college graduation, we saw that jobs and business opportunities can be limited in Thailand. In 2018 we started the Radiant Project, a nonprofit/business partnership, to help provide jobs for hill tribe people in norther Thailand. Our first business, Five Tribes Fair Trade, started in 2019.

Our Team

Bill Moritz

Founder And President

Chris Stroup

Chief Executive Officer

Deanne Ward

Director Of Strategic Initiatives