Choosing The Right Structure

If you’re like most of folks who want to start a ministry, your first question is: How do I set up a 501(c)3? But a 501(c)3 is not your only option and in many cases it may not be your best option. We’ve helped hundreds of passionate people like you set up a ministry structure that frees them to spread more joy to the world. We’ll help you weigh more than a dozen factors to find the right ministry structure for your skills and passions.


What You Need To Know

There are few keys for starting a successful charity or ministry.

  • Think like an entrepreneur
  • Develop a compelling case statement
  • Determine the best organizational structure
  • Find good partners
  • Never stop learning


Help Along The Way

We’re here to help! We have helped hundreds of small and larger charities get up a running and grow. If you’re struggling with it, we’ve probably seen it and love guiding people like you through whatever comes your way.


How Are You Going To Change The World?

Important social change often begins with a person like you who is obsessed with a problem and envisions a new solution. You’re willing to take the initiative and act on your vision, gather the resources necessary and build an organization to address the problem.  You are relentless in your pursuit and will not take “no” for an answer. You won’t give up until you’ve spread your vision as far as you possibly can. We are here to help, to help you change the world!


John B.


“I love the AMP as it makes a way for me to focus on caring for people! Thank you…for seeing this huge need and making so much more ministry possible”

Dr. Stacy Rinehart

Founder, MentorLink International

“Joy to the World Foundation offers administrative and financial services at a cost I can’t find anywhere else. This allows me to give more time and emotions to the ministry.”

John and Pat Sloan

Discipling Partners

“If you are wanting to launch a ministry or project that requires donor funding and need advice on how to set that up, the people who administer this program will gladly provide all the help you need.”