Choosing the right structure

Many businesses also have charitable objectives but because of their organizational structure they are not able to use the benefits given to tax-exempt entities to further their charitable activities. We can help you set up an organizational structure that will optimize your various for-profit and nonprofit activities.

Balancing control and impact

Many people think that if you make money you can’t be a nonprofit. Nonprofit status is actually not about making money, it’s about ownership. Nonprofits don’t have owners, but that doesn’t mean they don’t generate income (think Goodwill). Sometimes forming a nonprofit corporation can be your best option. We can help you weight the options and determine the best solution for you and your business.

Increasing your impact

Whether your business is interested in starting a charitable initiative or you’re already involved in charitable activity, we’re here to help you increase your impact.


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John B.


“I love the AMP as it makes a way for me to focus on caring for people! Thank you…for seeing this huge need and making so much more ministry possible”

Dr. Stacy Rinehart

Founder, MentorLink International

“Joy to the World Foundation offers administrative and financial services at a cost I can’t find anywhere else. This allows me to give more time and emotions to the ministry.”

John and Pat Sloan

Discipling Partners

“If you are wanting to launch a ministry or project that requires donor funding and need advice on how to set that up, the people who administer this program will gladly provide all the help you need.”