The power of a charitable trust

Managing complex assets dedicated to charity requires a special understanding of charitable tax law and the benefits that are available to families who dedicate these assets to charity.

We understand charity AND financial management. Unlike for-profit trust service companies, we are a tax-exempt public charity which gives us the ability to help you on both sides of the equation—your income interest and your charitable interest.

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Values-based Planning

Values Based Planning is a way to organize a family’s financial affairs so that they can provide adequately for their family, serve others personally and with their finances and encourage and enable family members to do the same. We’ve developed From Success 2 Significance to help you and your family reach your charitable goals.

From Success to Significance

Serve More Effectively

If you are a generous family; own a business; have a Donor Advised Fund, private foundation or operate a charity then we want to help you SERVE better!

We were created to help people who are dedicated to accomplishing your charitable purposes to do more and do it more effectively and efficiently.

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