Move from
Success to Significance

A generous life involves more than just giving your money away. As Gandhi put it, “The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in service to others.” We love helping people give and serve better so we’ve put together our From Success to Significance webpage to help people like you. There you can discover strategies that can help you become more engaged and effective in giving and serving. Here are a just a few of your keys for significance.

Leave a legacy

We love helping generous families with resources plan to leave a charitable legacy. Our years of experience as trustee and administrator of charitable trusts will help you make the most of your planned gift while providing income for retirement or your family. We can also work with your private foundation or family office to help you inspire the next generation to live generously

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Giving time, talent, and treasure

We want to help you use your time, talents, and treasure to change the world. Whether you need to set up a new ministry, foundation, or Donor Advised Fund or you want to optimize your existing organizations, we’re your trusted guide for moving from success to significance.

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John B.


“I love the AMP as it makes a way for me to focus on caring for people! Thank you…for seeing this huge need and making so much more ministry possible”

Dr. Stacy Rinehart

Founder, MentorLink International

“Joy to the World Foundation offers administrative and financial services at a cost I can’t find anywhere else. This allows me to give more time and emotions to the ministry.”

John and Pat Sloan

Discipling Partners

“If you are wanting to launch a ministry or project that requires donor funding and need advice on how to set that up, the people who administer this program will gladly provide all the help you need.”